The UK finally gives the Moderna vaccine for COVID-19

The UK finally gives the Moderna vaccine for COVID-19

After months of speculation about the availability of a new COVID-19 vaccine, Moderna has been approved. This new vaccine is the third one that the UK government will allow.

Moderna finally gets UK government approval

The prime minister of the UK has announced the approval of a third vaccine to combat the coronavirus. In what he said to be a piece of excellent news for the UK and the world, Boris Johnson called on everyone to embrace it.


The Moderna vaccine was developed by a US pharmaceutical firm and operates in ways similar to the Pfizer vaccine. The UK authorities have already ordered about 18 million doses of this vaccine.


However, these huge supplies are not expected till early spring. Moderna is expected to be the final vaccine for the COVID-19 trial to be published. There are hundreds of vaccines still in the developmental phase, with many expected to be completed soonest.


About 1.6 million individuals in the UK have collected at least a single dose of the vaccine using AstraZeneca and Pfizer which is already approved. This figure includes aged citizens of 75 in the UK because they are termed people with the highest risk.

Priority is given to aged citizens and health workers


The order of the vaccine administration gives priority to the vulnerable first which consists of about 33 million UK residents.


Boris Johnson said that their target is to give about 16 million individuals in the UK vaccine before ending January. People in this category include care home residents, health officials, NHS front workers, and all citizens above 70 years especially those with underlining illness.


About 8 million doses of this vaccine have been ordered before, however, this had to be increased so that a lot of people can be vaccinated. The total number of ordered vaccines in the UK has now been put at 370 million to protect citizens against coronavirus.


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