The 5 most beautiful towns in Switzerland

Switzerland is a European country with a rich heritage and history. The country has more than 170 cities all planted in beautiful scenery. Considering the large number of cities, it can be quite difficult for a tourist to know which city to choose to visit. Here is a top 5 of the most beautiful Swiss cities for this purpose.


The capital of the Canton of Vaud, the City of Lausanne is built on 2 rivers and 3 hills. With its very atypical charm, Lausanne is home to many tourist gems. The best known are the Notre-Dame de Lausanne cathedral and the medieval quarter. Are you planning to visit this Schengen area country to discover the city of Lausanne? Depending on your country of origin, you may need an ETIAS authorization. For more details, go to


It is downright impossible to talk about the most beautiful cities in Switzerland without mentioning the city of Neuchâtel. With a thousand-year-old history, this city is also nicknamed the yellow city. It is dotted with many buildings from the 15th to the 18th century and therefore leaves no tourist indifferent.


This city is not only the capital of the country, but it is also one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland. Reminiscent of medieval times due to the style of its monuments and many of its dwellings, Bern has everything to charm you. It also contains a very old building in the 12th century which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Lucerne is considered by many to be Switzerland's postcard because of its great beauty. Quite a pretty city, Lucerne remains one of the favorite destinations for tourists in Switzerland. Its greatest gems are undoubtedly the Kapellbrücke and Lake Lucerne.

St. Gallen

Like Bern, the city of St. Gallen has a very charming old town. This old town also has an abbey which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This abbey is also one of the most important in Europe. For this alone, the city of St. Gallen is fully worth a visit.

Solothurn, Zürich and Thun are also among the most beautiful cities in Switzerland.

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